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Developing Learner Participation: Understanding Practice in a Pilot Phase



Mannion G & Sowerby M (2018) Developing Learner Participation: Understanding Practice in a Pilot Phase. Scottish Government. Stirling: University of Stirling.

Ahead of final publication, a pilot study of the implementation of the guidance Learner Participation in Educational Settings (3-18) was conducted with a small number of education settings. This involved establishments in early years, primary and secondary sectors. Staff from establishments who agreed to be in the pilot met together at Education Scotland offices and on visits to selected schools. There was also opportunity for researchers to meet young people to have dialogues sometimes involving pupils and staff together. A field researcher visited each of the pilot schools and pre-schools in spring and summer terms in 2018. Evidence about practice-based response making to the new guidance was gathered through these conversations. The following ‘Main Findings’ and the following four ‘Case Reports’ document some of the key understandings that emerged.

education, learners, participation, child rights

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FundersScottish Government
Publication date28/10/2018
Place of publicationStirling

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Professor Gregory Mannion

Professor Gregory Mannion

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