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Scotland and the Commonwealth Games



Kachulski D (2014) Scotland and the Commonwealth Games. [] 07.05.2014.

This research article was published on the official blog of the Division of Communications, Media and Culture. Did you know that a Scottish athlete won the first marathon of the British Empire Games, or that one of Scotland’s most successful medallists was a diver? For its 84 years of existence, the Commonwealth Games has awarded 8582 gold, silver and bronze medals to a total of 55 countries – 355 of these medals were awarded to Scottish athletes. Out of the 19 times the Games took place, they were held in the UK 5 times, 2 of which – in Scotland – in 1970 and 1986, both times in Edinburgh. Now, did you know that the University of Stirling holds the official Commonwealth Games Archive with photographs, designs, clothing, trophies, papers and artefacts dating back to the first British Empire Games in 1930...

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Mr Damyan Kachulski

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