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The Spirit of Bannockburn

Jamie K (2013) The Spirit of Bannockburn. New Statesman. 07.02.2013.

First paragraph: No one knows where exactly the Battle of Bannockburn was fought. Historians and archaeologists disagree. Some say the killing was done on the low flatland, or "carse", where the Bannockburn flows into the River Forth; others say the higher ground, now covered in housing schemes, is more likely. We do know where Robert the Bruce planted his standard and set up his command post. It's a few raised acres from where he would have been able to see everyone's comings and goings. It was much more wooded 700 years ago, and Bruce and his men had spent months in the woods, training and preparing for the day the English appeared.

Author(s)Jamie, Kathleen
Publication date07/02/2013
PublisherNew Statesman Ltd
Publisher URL…irit-bannockburn
Place of publicationLondon
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