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Shining The Light On Trout: Where we are now?

Taylor J & Migaud H (2008) Shining The Light On Trout: Where we are now?. Finfish News, (5), pp. 11-17.

To date, the trout industry in general has not adopted photoperiod techniques for production enhancement. Extensive research over the last seven years at Stirling has shown the potential benefits of such regimes. This article summarises previous and ongoing research determining how artificial photoperiod regimes can be used to manipulate reproduction and growth for the benefit of the trout industry. The most important advances for farming relate to our improved understanding of light perception which, in conjunction with technological innovations, has allowed radical refinement of the available lighting systems.

Finfish News, Issue 5

Author(s)Taylor, John; Migaud, Herve
Publication date31/01/2008
PublisherCentre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS)
Publisher URL…ishnews/ffn5.pdf
Place of publicationLowestoft
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