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Economic impacts of aquatic parasites on global finfish production

Shinn A, Pratoomyot J, Bron J, Paladini G, Brooker EE & Brooker A (2015) Economic impacts of aquatic parasites on global finfish production. Global Aquaculture Advocate, September/October 2015, pp. 58-61.

Parasites generate costs for managing infections as well as prophylactic treatment in finfish aquaculture. Based on estimated hatchery losses to parasitism of 20%, the authors estimated annual global loss of juvenile fish to parasites at U.S. $107.31 million to $134.14 million. Assuming parasites are responsible for losses of 1% to 10% of harvest-size fish, the value of these fish was estimated at $945.00 million to $9.45 billion. Combining the hatchery and growout figures, the parasites’ annual cost was tentatively estimated at $1.05 billion to $9.58 billion.

Global Aquaculture Advocate: Volume September/October 2015

Author(s)Shinn, Andrew; Pratoomyot, Jarunan; Bron, James; Paladini, Giuseppe; Brooker, Esther E; Brooker, Adam
Publication date30/09/2015
Publication date online09/2015
PublisherGlobal Aquaculture Alliance
Publisher URL
Place of publicationMO, USA
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