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Scotland Decides ’14: does anyone really care what celebrities think?



Whatley C, Curtice J & Blain N (2014) Scotland Decides ’14: does anyone really care what celebrities think?. The Conversation. 26.06.2014.

First paragraph: Barely a day goes by when there’s not another famous face giving a nod or a headshake to independence. Most recently Daniel Radcliffe and veteran Scottish comic actor Stanley Baxter have both said no, while Elijah Wood appeared to come out for yes before later saying he had misunderstood the question. Days earlier it was JK Rowling and the Pope (both on the no side), while pro-independence actor Brian Cox was on the BBC’s Scotland 2014 programme last night restating his views. We asked our panel whether any of these interventions made any difference. Access this article on The Conversation website:

Publication date online26/06/2014
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Professor N Blain

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