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What Germany wants- as diplomacy over Brexit begins

Nehring H (2016) What Germany wants- as diplomacy over Brexit begins. The Conversation. 28.06.2016.

First paragraph: Greece, the refugee crisis, and now Brexit. The German Foreign Office’s first reaction the day after the UK’s vote to leave the EU in a referendum came in the form of a tweet:  We are off now to an Irish pub to get decently drunk. And from tomorrow on we will again work for a better#Europe! Promised!#EURef   But Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, went into crisis mode. This means: absolute calm. Access this article on The Conversation website:

Author(s)Nehring, Holger
Publication date online28/06/2016
PublisherThe Conversation Trust
Publisher URL…xit-begins-61730
Place of publicationLondon
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