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Brexodus of EU citizens from the UK is picking up speed



Shapira M (2018) Brexodus of EU citizens from the UK is picking up speed. The Conversation. 22.02.2018.

First paragraph: Fewer EU citizens are now coming to the UK and more are leaving, according to new migration statistics that give credence to the idea of a growing “Brexodus” following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Overall 90,000 more EU citizens came to the UK than left in the year to September 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), but this level of net migration was 75,000 lower than the same figure in September 2016. In the same period, 130,000 EU citizens emigrated, the most since 2008. The ONS head of migration statistics, Nicola White, said Brexit “could well be a factor in people’s decision to move to or from the UK,” though she noted that “people’s decision to migrate is complicated and can be influenced by lots of different reasons.”

Publication date online22/02/2018
PublisherThe Conversation Trust
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Dr Marina Shapira

Dr Marina Shapira

Associate Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology