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Scramble for gas in eastern Mediterranean is stoking old tensions in the region



Hoffmann C (2018) Scramble for gas in eastern Mediterranean is stoking old tensions in the region. The Conversation. 28.02.2018.

First paragraph: The Turkish navy blocking a drilling ship from exploring for gas off Cyprus ought to make international headlines, but it has gone almost unnoticed at a time of such conflict in the region. The ship has been marooned while diplomats from several European countries try to broker a solution between Turkey and Cyprus. The blockade relates to claims and counter claims over the rights to explore the waters off this troubled island. It is just one of a number of conflicts between Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Israel and Lebanon that have arisen since huge reserves of gas began to be discovered in the eastern Mediterranean in 2009. What started as a promising opportunity for cooperation is instead fuelling existing tensions. Peaceful and cooperative gas exploration should have been attractive to these countries. Conventional wisdom suggested natural gas would be in high demand because it is cheaper than renewable energy but with lower carbon emissions than oil and coal.

Publication date online28/02/2018
PublisherThe Conversation Trust
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Dr Clemens Hoffmann

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