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The Sunday Post: how Scotland’s sleepiest newspaper silenced the detractors



Blain N (2018) The Sunday Post: how Scotland’s sleepiest newspaper silenced the detractors. The Conversation. 02.05.2018.

First paragraph: During the 100-year-plus history of Scotland’s Sunday Post, people have often said it is without compare – but they didn’t always intend it positively. When The Guardian’s media writer Roy Greenslade once applauded the onset of its modernisation in 2011, he observed: "When I first read it, back in the 1970s, I was amazed that it had any audience at all. So I was astonished to be told that its odd mix of quirky news, sentimental stories and cartoon strips had made it the best-selling paper in Scotland by far."  What a contrast to now. The Post was recently named Newspaper of the Year at theScottish Press Awards, alongside plaudits under the “front page”, “scoop”, “reporter” and “journalist” categories. For anyone that knows this paper, it is an astounding achievement.

Publication date02/05/2018
Publication date online02/05/2018
PublisherThe Conversation Trust
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