Digital Dust and Visual Narratives of Feminicidios


Bernardi C (2018) Digital Dust and Visual Narratives of Feminicidios. Visual Culture and Gender, 13, pp. 6-16.

The murders of women in Ciudad Juarez, known as feminicidios, is an issue that is acquiring relevance in gender and activist studies. To date, however, the count of women missing or killed in the city has remained vague and uncharted, making the issue difficult to quantify. In this article, I discuss the visual narrative offered by data and information—both textual and visual—scattered online and present Ciudad Juarez "Feminicidios Reclassification Project" (FRP), a project and a database that I have personally created and currently curate as part of my collaboration and active involvement with local human rights activists, mothers of murdered or missing women, and emigres from Ciudad Juarez.

Visual culture; gender; data; empiricism; feminist quantitative methods

Visual Culture and Gender: Volume 13

Publication date30/09/2018
Publication date online30/09/2018
Date accepted by journal12/07/2018
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