Mobile point of care diagnostic testing for Ebola virus disease in DRC

Funded by The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP).

Collaboration with Georg-August University Gottingen, Institut de Recherche Biomedicale, Institut Pasteur de Dakar and Universite Laval, Canada.

A mobile suitcase laboratory for EBOV point-of-care (POC) detection at Ebola treatment centers was successfully implemented in Guinea during the large Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in West-Africa 2014-2015. It was shown that isothermal amplifictaion (Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA)) could be efficiently used to test suspect EVD cases and local teams were trained in and successfully deployed with this fast method. In the frame of this project we want to train teams in DRC and expand RPA testing capacity to the differentials recommended by the WHO. Existing RPA assays for all parameters will be included into a multistrip for simultaneous use. This will be integrated with a simple biosafe extraction method. The project team consist of experts in the development of mobile molecular assays and a track record of their use in outbreak response. By extending cooperation into DRC this programme will enable local teams in DRC to provide response capacity for future EVD outbreaks. Additionally a wider outbreak response network of African teams with state of the art POC tests is formed. This proposal falls directly into the scope of this EDCTPcall addressing urgent diagnostic needs in slignment with the national priorities of the DRC and neighbouring countries. The international pairs up with the most important Ebola virus reserachgroup in DRC and will strengthen their capacity to respond to EBOV outbreaks. It is therefore also in alignment with the WHO R&D blueprint for rapid activation of R&D activities during epidemics. The team has a good record of working according to allrequires ethical standards. Data will be publishe did in peer reviewe scientific journals wich require open access and data sharing. See more on the project's website

Total award value £99,201.27