Preliminary safety study of an aquaculture disinfectant when used against sea lice

Funded by Ecolab.

This project is the continuation of a previous project (AWERB 16/17 169), which found that the commercial aquaculture disinfectant Incimaxx ® Aquatic (Ecolab) shows in vitro activity against the fish parasite Lepeophtheirus salmonis (salmon louse). The present project will assess whether the concentrations of Incimaxx® Aquatic required to cause the desired effects in sea lice (impairment of attachment and swimming behaviour) are tolerated by salmon during and after short term (30 min ) bath treatments. The project will follow a standard methodology well established at the Marine Environmental Research Laboratory (MERL), an external facility of the Institute of Aquaculture.

Total award value £6,842.13

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Dr Armin Sturm

Dr Armin Sturm

Senior Lecturer, Institute of Aquaculture

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