Zero Waste students - Desktop Review and Behavioural Insights

Funded by Zero Waste Scotland.

Zero Waste Scotland requires a contractor to carry out research that will answer questions 1-5 in by focusing on a small number of institutions in the Angus, Dundee and Fife regions.

1.What types of food do they waste?

2.Why? What behaviours are causing the waste?

3.What are the barriers to wasting less?

4.What will motivate them to waste less?

5.What communications methods/vehicles do they prefer/will be most effective to assist them to this end?

Phase 1

We expect this to be a highly focussed desk-based evidence review, led by the appointed contractor’s prior knowledge, and specific reports highlighted by ZWS.

Phase 2

We expect this to be an in-field element, based on the findings from Phase 1. This element must involve students from institutions in Dundee, Angus, and/or Fife. We anticipate the majority of project spend will be committed to phase 2.

Total award value £18,750.00

People (2)


Dr Craig Graham Anderson

Dr Craig Graham Anderson

Lecturer, Economics

Professor Ronald McQuaid

Professor Ronald McQuaid

Emeritus Professor, Management, Work and Organisation