Post confict geoarchaeology: Dating Jaffna Fort Sri Lanka

Funded by University of Durham.

Collaboration with Durham University.

The geoarchaeology programme for Jaffna Fort is part of the Durham University GCRF post-conflict (Sri Lanka) rescue archaeology programme in northern Sri Lanka. Stirling-based geoarchaeology investigations include dating key-hole stratigraphy on the Jaffna Fort site through the application of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and contextualising origins and processes of the sediments dated through thin section micromorphology. These analyses will contribute in advising on post-conflict reconstruction of this important heritage site and with a view to encouraging new heritage tourism to the area.

£10,750 has been made available for this work.

Total award value £10,750.00

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Professor Ian Simpson

Professor Ian Simpson

Professor, BES