Trends and Inequalities in Prescribing for Alcohol Dependence in Scotland (TRIPADS)

Funded by Alcohol Research UK.

Collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University and University of Glasgow.

More than 15,000 prescriptions are issued every month in Scotland to treat alcohol problems (‘AUDs’). However, high-quality evidence that these drugs are effective is very limited. This study will address this by researching large national databases, without identifying individuals. In this study, we will research individuals prescribed medications for alcohol treatment after a hospital stay related to alcohol between 2010 and 2017. We will describe the medication they were prescribed and the dose used, and any linked hospital admissions or deaths. We will look at whether these have changed over time and whether they vary in different parts of Scotland or for people of different ages, sex and socio-economic deprivation levels. This research makes innovative use of national linked health records (prescribing, hospital stays, deaths). The study will be informed by people with lived experience throughout.

Total award value £8,094.00

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