EURASTIP - Promoting Multi-Stakeholder Contributions to International Cooperation on Sustainable Solutions for Aquaculture Development in South-East Asia

Funded by European Commission (Horizon 2020).

Collaboration with European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP), Ghent University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and Wageningen University.

Total award value £201,624.28

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Professor Dave Little

Professor Dave Little

Professor, Aquaculture

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Project Report

Bostock J, Crumlish M, Myint O, Bosma R, Dhont J, Reuver M & Maher J (2019) EURASTIP Best Practice Case Studies: Aquaculture training and capacity building collaborations between Europe and Southeast Asia. Reuver M (Editor), Maher J (Editor), O Raifeartaigh P (Editor) & Tully O (Editor) European Commission. Liege, Belgium.

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