The Identifying & Describing Arguments (IDEA) project.

Funded by Cancer Research UK.

Collaboration with Alcohol Concern, Newcastle University, University of Sheffield and University of the West of England.

This project focuses ‘framing’ (i.e. the use of ideas and arguments) in population-level public health policy debates. Framing analysis can be understood as a term used to describe a variety of approaches to identify and interpret the ideas, values, beliefs and arguments (or ‘frames’) used in a particular arena. Policy-making in public health is seen as a battleground of ideas, where progress is most likely to be made when arguments for particular policies can be presented or ‘framed’ in ways that align with or shape policy-makers beliefs and values. This study aimed to systematically identify, describe and develop a typology of the frames (ideas and arguments) employed in population-level alcohol policy debates reported in the peer-reviewed literature and in so doing to contribute to methodological developments in conducting framing analysis.

Total award value £18,500.00

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Dr Nathan Critchlow

Dr Nathan Critchlow

Research Fellow, Institute for Social Marketing