Funded by Natural Environment Research Council.

Collaboration with University of Sussex.

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Professor Matthew Tinsley

Professor Matthew Tinsley

Professor, Biological and Environmental Sciences

Professor Andrew Tyler

Professor Andrew Tyler

Scotland Hydro Nation Chair, Biological and Environmental Sciences

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Beresford N, Beaugelin-Seiller K, Barnett C, Brown J, Doering C, Caffrey E, Johansen M, Melintescu A, Ruedig E, Vandenhove H, Vives I Batlle J, Wood M, Yankovich T & Copplestone D (2022) Ensuring robust radiological risk assessment for wildlife: insights from the International Atomic Energy Agency EMRAS and MODARIA programmes. Journal of Radiological Protection, 42 (2), Art. No.: 020512.


Beresford NA, Horemans N, Copplestone D, Raines KE, Orizaola G, Wood MD, Laanen P, Whitehead HC, Burrows JE, Tinsley MC, Smith JT, Bonzom J, Gagnaire B, Adam-Guillermin C & Gashchak S (2020) Towards solving a scientific controversy - The effects of ionising radiation on the environment. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 211, Art. No.: 106033.

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