LivingWell- a feasibility study to assess the impact of a lifestyle intervention in people attending family history clinics with an increased risk of colorectal or breast cancer.

Funded by Chief Scientist Office.

Collaboration with University of Dundee.

For people who are at greater risk of cancer due to a family history of the disease (which may reflect shared genetic and behavioral profiles) it is important to follow recommendations for cancer screening and lifestyle. This study aimed to assess the feasibility and acceptability of delivering a 12-week lifestyle intervention programme (LivingWell) for people with a family history of BC and CRC initiated within the clinic setting in order to inform the design of a definitive randomised control trial (RCT) to assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness of this intervention. The primary outcome of the future RCT will be weight loss (with secondary outcomes of alcohol intake, physical activity, dietary intake, psycho-social parameters, weight monitoring procedures and cost effectiveness). This was done through a two arm, two-centre, randomised feasibility study of the LivingWELL intervention versus usual care.


Total award value £21,329.00


Ms Martine Stead
Ms Martine Stead

Deputy Director of ISM, ISM

Professor Ronan O'Carroll
Professor Ronan O'Carroll

Professor, Psychology