TreatWELL – a feasibility study to assess the delivery of a lifestyle intervention for colorectal cancer patients undergoing potentially curative treatment

Funded by Chief Scientist Office.

Collaboration with University of Dundee.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) survival has improved, but in Scotland, survivors still have notable excess mortality within the first year post diagnosis compared to other European countries. In addition, survivors have high rates of co-morbidities. This study aimed to assess the feasibility of delivering an intervention programme (TreatWELL) for CRC patients undergoing potentially curative treatments. The programme facilitated stepped changes towards smoking cessation, increase in activity to 150 minutes and caloric intake appropriate to weight status. Feasibility outcomes include recruitment rates, ease of programme implementation, adherence, patient acceptability of the programme factors influencing adherence, retention and delivery costs.


Total award value £31,427.00

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Professor Ronan O'Carroll
Professor Ronan O'Carroll

Professor, Psychology

Professor Mary Wells
Professor Mary Wells

Honorary Professor, NMAHP

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Macleod M, Steele RJC, O'Carroll RE, Wells M, Campbell A, Sugden JA, Rodger J, Stead M, McKell J & Anderson AS (2018) Feasibility study to assess the delivery of a lifestyle intervention (TreatWELL) for patients with colorectal cancer undergoing potentially curative treatment. BMJ Open, 8 (6), Art. No.: e021117.