BeWEL the impact of body weight and physical activity intervention programme on adults at the risk of developing colorectal adenomas

Funded by Medical Research Council.

Total award value £42,765.00

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Anderson AS, Craigie A, Caswell S, Treweek S, Stead M, Macleod M, Daly F, Belch JJF, Rodger J, Kirk A, Ludbrook A, Rauchhaus P, Norwood P, Thompson J, Wardle J & Steele R (2014) The impact of a bodyweight and physical activity intervention (BeWEL) initiated through a national colorectal cancer screening programme: randomised controlled trial. BMJ, 348, Art. No.: g1823.


Craigie A, Caswell S, Paterson C, Treweek S, Belch JJF, Daly F, Rodger J, Thompson J, Kirk A, Ludbrook A, Stead M, Wardle J, Steele R & Anderson AS (2011) Study protocol for BeWEL: The impact of a BodyWEight and physicaL activity intervention on adults at risk of developing colorectal adenomas. BMC Public Health, 11 (184).