Common Health Assets: A mixed methods realist evaluation and economic appraisal of how community led organisations impact on the health and wellbeing of people living in deprived areas

Funded by National Institute for Health Research.

Collaboration with Annexe Communities, Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum, Bournemouth University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Queen's University Belfast, Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing, Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC), The Health Creation Alliance and University of East London.

The aim of this research is to find out how community organisations’ use of ‘assets based approaches’ improves health and wellbeing, and how that might be different in different contexts. Where we find positive effects we will examine whether those effects can be applied elsewhere (‘scaled up’), and how community organisations can find ways to survive (sustainability).

Total award value £6,992.00

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Professor Michael Roy

Professor Michael Roy

Professor Sustainable/GB Strategy & OB, MWO