Social values of NTS heritage places: towards an organisational approach

Funded by The National Trust for Scotland.

Collaboration with The National Trust for Scotland.

PI: Professor Siân Jones Research Fellow: Dr Elizabeth Robson Research Partner: National Trust for Scotland

This project aims to develop a strategic approach to the social values of heritage places (both natural and cultural) within the NTS estate. In doing so, we also seek to advance wider knowledge and understanding of how heritage organisations can address the multiple and complex knowledges that social values assessments reveal. The project will be delivered by a research team at the University of Stirling, who are recognised as international leaders in this field. It will involve six pilot social value assessments, encompassing a range of NTS properties with diverse profiles from across the estate. These will provide the basis to pull together broader implications across the organisation, leading to a strategic organisational approach and contributing to the NTS Ten Year Strategy. The project will also contribute to the development of a shared NTS-UoS research culture, building a strong foundation for future collaborative projects and funding bids. Finally, it will advance both organisations’ research profiles, by contributing new knowledge about the implications of embedding social values assessments in institutional infrastructures, processes and practices.

Total award value £240,000.00

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Professor Sian Jones

Professor Sian Jones

Professor of Heritage, History