Optimising Procurement Outcomes for Covid-19 and Beyond: Lessons from the Crisis

Funded by UK Research and Innovation.

Collaboration with Cardiff University, Northumbria University and University of Oxford.

Optimising Procurement Outcomes for Covid-19 and Beyond: Lessons from the Crisis

This is a rapid response proposal to UKRI under the Covid-19 funding call. The project addresses the important issue of how public procurement in local government (which accounts for 47% of local authority spending) is helping to promote an effective response and maintain community resilience during the crisis, and how the learning from this response might be carried forward into the post-Covid-19 context. It asks such questions as:

  • How resilient is the procurement and commissioning system in a crisis?
  • What innovative approaches have emerged in local government and their partners to procurement and commissioning during the crisis?
  • Which innovations and new forms of practice will be valuable to retain and develop post-crisis?
  • What new forms of collaboration, partnerships and constructive relationships between organisations and sectors are emerging through these new forms of procurement and commissioning?

Project collaborators include University of Oxford (Blavatnik School of Government), Northumbria University (Newcastle Business School), Cardiff University (Wales Centre for Public Policy), Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP (Procurement Legal Specialists) and Public Intelligence (Strategic Advice Consultancy). A range of appropriate project partners are being assembled, with confirmed participation already from SOLACE, CIPFA, CCN, and the Emergency Response Unit in the Cabinet Office.

Total award value £380,891.00

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Professor Richard Simmons

Professor Richard Simmons

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