Enabling Bridge to Thrive in Schools: Exploring the Benefits, Opportunities & Challenges

Funded by The Davenport Foundation.

The study, Bridging Schools, investigates the benefits and challenges of teaching bridge in schools, using the example of Northern Ireland. Bridge has recently been introduced into the curriculum with follow-through from teaching children in primary and then on to secondary school. Focus group and individual interviews will be conducted with teachers, pupils and parents to explore different perspectives in relation to the skills gained through bridge.

By doing research which highlights the benefits and skills that playing bridge provides, we can develop an evidence base to persuade governments and teachers to consider investing in introducing more bridge into primary and secondary schools. Using Northern Ireland as a test-study this research examines what helps and hinders learning for children in primary and secondary schools.

Bridging Schools - Bridge A MindSport for all (

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Professor Samantha Punch

Professor Samantha Punch

Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology