Analysis of the 2019 Youth Alcohol Policy Survey

Funded by Cancer Research UK.

Analysis of the 2019 Youth Alcohol Policy Survey (Funded by Cancer Research UK) This project will provide initial analyses of the 2019 Youth Alcohol Policy Survey and compare trends to the previous 2017 wave. By doing so, the project will provide further understanding of alcohol consumption and drivers among adolescents and directly contribute to the policy developments on alcohol marketing in Scotland. There are four objectives:

• RO1: To compare the 2017 and 2019 YAPS to examine what changes, if any, have occurred in marketing awareness and the association with consumption and higher-risk drinking among current drinkers, and susceptibility in never-drinkers.

• RO2: To provide Scotland-only data on marketing awareness in 2017 and 2019 YAPS, and what factors are associated with higher marketing awareness.

• RO3: To examine awareness and knowledge of Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol among adolescents in Scotland, and differences by demographic groups.

• RO4: To examine frequency of consuming low alcohol ((

Total award value £17,070.00

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Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh
Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh

Senior Researcher, ISM

Dr Nathan Critchlow
Dr Nathan Critchlow

Research Fellow, Institute for Social Marketing