Agency, Rationality, and Epistemic Defeat

Funded by Medical Research Council.

Collaboration with University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.

ARED is an interdispiclinary project that aims to bring philosophy and cognitive science in dialogue by developing a characterization of epistemic agency that applies to all putative epistemic agents: adult humans, infants, animals and idealized subjects. The project will involve the design and execution of experiments aimed at testing reflective abilities of preverbal children, pigs, and dogs. The experiments will be executed in cooperation with Dr. Eva Rafetseder (Psychology, Stirling), and Dr. Zsofia Viranyi (Comparative Cognition, University of Vetrinary Medicine, Vienna).

Total award value £1,020,296.35

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Dr Giacomo Melis

Dr Giacomo Melis

Future Leadership Fellowship Researcher, Philosophy

Dr Eva Rafetseder

Dr Eva Rafetseder

Senior Lecturer, Psychology

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