Chitetetzo: improving adolescent road safety and reducing road traffic collisions

Funded by Medical Research Council.

Collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow School of Art, JAcaranda School for Orphans, University of Edinburgh and University of Malawi.

This project will develop a current BUILD application that has resulted from our exisiting MRC/AHRC Safe Roads Africa Project.

Project Aims: 1) To work with children and young people in ** Schools/public libraries to enable them to understand how the Malawian road traffic environment impacts and effects their rights to lead healthy, happy and safe lives; 2) To develop children and young people’s vision of a safer future road traffic environment, and inform them of what they can do to improve their road safety in the present; and 3) To empower children and young people to be catalysts for social change in civic and political environments, by developing their communication and expressive skills through visual arts and other media / channels. Project Objectives: 1) to enhance behavioural change of children and young people when commuting as pedestrians and passangers to improve their personal raod safet and decrease road traffic collissions. 2) To develop the confidence and communication skills of students (aged 10 – 18 years) across Blantyre region of Southern Malawi so that they can effectively engage with civic and political society as ambassadors for safer road traffic environments. 3) To work with students and staff from Jacaranda Foundation and Lusizi Kambalame (Malawi University Polytechnic; and Safe Road Africa co-grant holder) to: 1) Co-develop an arts based project (culminating in the development of a 8m x 2m mural painted on plywood) with children and young people that expresses their aspirations in relation to road safety and their environment, to communicate what matters to them to researchers, communities, civic society and policy makers; and 3) To co-deliver a seminar and exhibition, repeated in both Malawi and Scotland, of the project and developed mural to communicate road safety messages and aspirations to researchers, community members, and civic and political leaders.

Method We will use the “Under the Same Sky Framework” to guide our project development and outputs. This established and well respected Framework uses creative activities (including mural development) to encourage reflection among the children of how their local environment impacts on their rights to lead healthy, happy and safe lives. It empowers young people (as potential future leaders) to communicate their health and sustainability messages to other young people, community members and civic and political leaders. Co-development of the Project: The project team will be led by Dr Edward Duncan in collaboration with 1) Marie De Silva (Founder of the Jacaranda Foundation) and Luc Deschamps (Jacaranda Foundation, Executive Director); 2) Clement and Rueben (two young leaders and accomplished artists who have recently graduated from Jacaranda Foundation but are continuing their relationship with the school through a voluntary year of service; and 3) Lusizi Kambalame (Lecturer in Theatre and Development Communications, University of Malawi – Polytechinc, and Safe Roads Africa co-applicant), who will act as the in-country project lead. Members of the Safe Roads Africa research project team will provide in kind support. A series of activities leading to the creation of a large (8m x 2m) mural on plywood sections will be undertaken through a participatory approach. The activities will express children and young people’s aspirations for a safe road environment in their community. A full description of the project activities will be provided to the BUILD project team. Lusizi, Marie and Luc will support Clement and Rueben to lead the following project sessions with a group of 20—30 students between the ages of 10-18 years (with an approximately equal gender mix) from the Jacaranda Foundation:- Session 1) Introduction to Children’s Rights and Safe Roads; Session 2) Exploring the theme: Safe Roads; Session 3) Sharing their perspective and ideas through drawing and painting; Session 4) Developing the mural. Further detail on each session is available on request. The activities will be led by Clement and Rueben and provide them with excellent leadership development opportunities, and the opportunity to develop themselves as role models and mentors for younger students, and as advocates for social change through co-delivery of the project outputs.

Total award value £742,961.00

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