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An exploration of the characteristics, perceptions and experiences of drink drivers in England and Scotland

Funded by Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.

Over the past 40 years, the number of casualties involving drink-driving in the UK has fallen considerably due to safer roads, safer vehicles, and actions to reduce drink-driving. The UK public generally view drink-driving as being unacceptable, but there remains a minority of drivers who repeatedly drink-drive. It is estimated that 12% of people caught drink-driving will continue to drink-drive, with 3 out of 10 likely to repeat the offence.

Recent work examining the reduction in the drink-drive limit in Scotland conducted by members of our team found that the change had no impact on road traffic accidents, with qualitative findings (to be published) suggesting that the limit may have had little impact on those mostly like to drink and drive. No recent research has been conducted with drink-drivers in the UK, and previous studies have not sought to understand drink-driving from the perspective of drivers with underlying alcohol problems.

Please note that this project is funded by a charity, and therefore full staff costs are costed and there are no overheads.

Total award value £19,995.00


Dr Andrea Mohan
Dr Andrea Mohan

Research Assistant, ISM

Professor Niamh Fitzgerald
Professor Niamh Fitzgerald

Professor, Institute for Social Marketing

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