Funded by Scottish Government.

Collaboration with Cornell University and University of Edinburgh.

ClimateXChange wishes to commission research into public attitudes and behaviours related to climate change and the ways that these could be used to group or segment the public for policy and engagement purposes. The research will include a review of the latest evidence on the relationship between awareness of climate change, climate literacy, attitudes towards climate change and low-carbon or pro-environmental behaviours. In addition, the research should identify and evaluate different approaches to grouping or segmenting the public. This could include segmentation related to a) attitudes to climate change; and b) behaviours related to the following topics – i) energy consumption; ii) transport choices; iii) material consumption and waste; and iv) food and diet.

Proposal submission is 14th January. We were notified in Mid December... Project start date in beginning of February.

Total award value £18,833.33