BoB Bettergen innovation voucher

Funded by Scottish Funding Council.

Collaboration with Heriot-Watt University.

BoB Bettergen Innovation Voucher. Interface Scotland Innovation voucher in conjunction with Bettergen and Heriot Watt University to help develop an initial prototype device to promote physical activity among care home residents. The device, named BoB was a punch ball with added sensors and sensory elements to assist residents of care homes to engage in a structured or unstructured form of physical activity. Supported by BoB, the device when hit by a participant would light up, or could light up in a pre determined programme, which encouraged participants to punch the device to turn lights off. The device could therefore provide physical activity and stimulation for a group who traditionally may face difficulties in continuing to engage in physical activity. Funding for the project enabled Grant Gibson to provide consultation on prototype design for care home residents, and contributed to the development of an initial project prototype.

Total award value £551.94

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Dr Grant Gibson

Dr Grant Gibson

Senior Lecturer, Dementia and Ageing

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