IPEDs and Polydrug Use: Knowledge, Services, and Gaps

Funded by The Wellcome Trust.

The overarching objective of these two events is to build a robust research network for researchers and practitioners working on issues related to polydrug use and image and performance enhancing drugs (IPEDs) by bringing experts together for two knowledge exchange workshops.

I propose two sets of meetings/workshops that will all 1) mapping the IPED/polydrug landscape in Scotland, and 2) a forum for knowledge exchange and network building among an international group of academics working on issues of IPEDs and polydrug use. The first meeting will be comprised of 5-7 researchers and 3-5 practitioners focused on IPED use and service provision in Scotland. This will focus on identifying where the state of research and service provision on the Scottish case currently lies and what are the gaps in our understanding. The second meeting will include a broader international group of researchers working on IPED use in various contexts. This will include 25-30 researchers and 10-15 practitioners.

Though conferences and meetings on either doping or general substance use take place regularly, none have focused on the question of IPEDs and polydrug use. As such, a meeting to build research relationships and share ideas is necessary.

The specific aims of these workshops are as follows.

The first workshop for Scotland-based IPED researchers and practitioners will:

  1. Explore the current academic work and service provision on IPEDs and polydrug use in Scotland;
  2. Identify research and service gaps for IPED use in Scotland;
  3. Develop a new Scottish research network around IPED use.

The second workshop for an international group of IPED researchers will:

  1. Compare current academic work and service strategies for IPEDs and polydrug use in various national contexts (knowledge exchange);
  2. Develop an international research network on topics of IPED use related to polydrug use;
  3. Identify targets for research funding around IPEDS/polydrug use.

These meetings will produce two complementary research networks. One will be a local network of Scotland focused researchers and practitioners, the other will be comprised of an international group of researchers and practitioners.

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