Taking Action on Child Poverty

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The aim of the event is to increase the impact of research conducted in the Centre, focused on inequality and poverty, its impact on children, and potential action to address this impact. The event will coincide with Child Poverty Week, facilitating potential media interest. The event will enable the team to increase research impact, as described above, and will support the development of future research through the networks formed. Given that poverty is firmly on the Scottish Government agenda, there are also clear opportunities to influence and shape policy in this arena, and the conference will offer opportunities for marketing of the university’s research through media and social media. It also offers an opportunity to share research with practitioners increasing impact potential, and will raise the profile of the Centre and the faculty as centres of applied research excellence. Finally, the conference aligns to the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection themes around inequality and child outcomes. These in term align to the university’s strategic emphasis on improving wellbeing (living well) through its emphasis on improving the life chances of families affected by domestic abuse, and to the theme of understanding behaviours like domestic abuse as a located phenomenon, that takes place in the context of communities, cultures and societies.

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Professor Jane Callaghan

Professor Jane Callaghan

Director Child Wellbeing & Protection, Social Work

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