Miss Staci Rowlison

Lecturer in Digital Media and Publishing

Communications, Media and Culture Stirling

Miss Staci Rowlison

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About me

Staci Jo Rowlison is a multidisciplinary designer and maker with roots in Appalachian literature, Letterpress Printmaking, Design, and Fine Art. Her current exploratory works, teaching and professional practice are informed by over ten years’ professional experience working in the creative industries in both the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Staci’s current works focus on the exploration and integration of visual storytelling and design processes within the broader topics of heritage, advocacy and community. In the past, she has led projects in branding, editorial design, illustration, expressive typography, web, animation, experimental installation, data visualisation, and information design.

Staci is passionate about creating partnerships between private sector business, non-profits, and education in order to provide better opportunities for future creatives. She actively volunteers with local arts groups and has been known to provide client-based design services for experimental projects specifically related to community engagement in the arts in Scotland.

She studied for her BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Tennessee with an emphasis in antique letterpress printmaking before attending University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art to receive her MFA in Illustration in 2012.