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Mr Robbie Reid

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About me

About me

Robbie Reid joined the Law School in 2023 having graduated with an LLB from the University of Edinburgh in 2016 and a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice the following year.

Since graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Robbie taught on the undergraduate Criminal Law, Delict, and International Private Law courses, as well as being responsible for LLM dissertation supervision and the marking of assessments at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Between 2018-19, Robbie completed an LLM by Research at the University of Glasgow, which he was awarded with distinction. The focus of his LLM thesis was on the criminal law's response to the growing problem of online sexual extortion in Scotland.

Robbie then worked as a Legal Assistant at the Scottish Law Commission from 2019-20, where he was tasked with carrying out research and helping draft parts of the Discussion Paper on the Homicide reform project.

Robbie later secured funding from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland to complete a PhD at the University of Glasgow between 2020-24. The focus of his doctoral research is on the protection of privacy and reputation rights in Scots criminal law. In particular, the thesis examines the reasons for these rights being primarily protected through the law of delict (most notably misuse of private information and defamation) and assesses the limited ways in which the criminal law protects these rights.


Robbie has a variety of research interests that primarily lie in the fields of criminal law and the law of delict (including the relationship between the two).

Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Criminal law theory
  • Homicide
  • Sexual offences
  • Defamation and malicious publication
  • Privacy
  • Negligence
  • Criminal and civil evidence/procedure

Robbie additionally has an interest in private international law, particularly on matters of jurisdiction and applicable law in the field of obligations.

Robbie would welcome enquiries on potential opportunities for collaboration in any of the areas listed above.