Dr Dylan Powell

Lecturer in Public Health & Innovation

Health Sciences Stirling Stirling

Dr Dylan Powell

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About me

About me

Dylan Powell is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Public Health & Innovation at the University of Stirling within the faculty of Health Sciences & Sport.

Excited by the value of technology, data and innovation in health care and life sciences to optimise care and wellbeing for patients and society. Prior to joining the University, Dylan worked for Deloitte Healthcare and Life Sciences practice and Knowledge Sharing lead for the UK Deloitte Clinical Network. Dylan’s professional background as a clinician (Physiotherapist) and researcher has spanned the NHS, academia, professional sport, and within industry. His PhD in Computer Science explored the use of wearables and digital biomarkers in neurological conditions including Sports-Related Concussion.

Dylan was appointed to the editorial team at Nature Digital Medicine (News & Views) in September 2023.

Other Academic Activities

Editor (News & Views) Nature Digital Medicine

Professional membership

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Professional qualification

Clinical Safety Officer

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