Dr Fairouz Mustafa

Lecturer in Accounting

Accounting & Finance Stirling

Dr Fairouz Mustafa

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About me

About me

Dr. Fairouz Mustafa Accounting Lecturer, Researcher | PMP

Dr. Fairouz Mustafa is an accounting lecturer passionate about teaching and research. Holding a PhD in accounting and finance.

Education: • PhD in Accounting and Finance, Brunel University London, 2023 • MBA Accountancy, Jordan University, 2018 • Bachelor of Software Engineering, The Hashemite University, 2012

Teaching Experience As an accounting lecturer, Fairouz Mustafa has experience teaching modules on accounting and society, accounting analytics, and critical issues in accounting and finance. She has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fostering an engaging learning environment, equipping students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills crucial for success in accounting.

Research Interests: Fairouz Mustafa is actively engaged in cutting-edge research within the accounting domain. She specialises in sustainability, AI, Blockchain and personal traits, exploring the intersection between theory and practice. Her research has been published in reputable journals and has garnered attention for its practical implications.


As an accounting lecturer, my primary research interest lies in the intersection of sustainability reporting, digitalisation, and the implications of personality traits on decision-making. I am particularly fascinated by the evolving landscape of social sustainability and how modern digitalisation impacts it. Additionally, I am exploring the implications of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, on sustainability reporting practices. The transformative potential of blockchain in enhancing transparency and reducing fraud in financial reporting is a dynamic area that warrants further investigation. My research methodologies typically involve a combination of quantitative analysis, archival research, and case studies. I believe in adopting a holistic approach to address complex accounting issues. Through my research, I aim to provide insights that will contribute to both academic knowledge and real-world accounting practices. The outcomes of my work may offer practical implications for companies navigating the challenges of sustainability reporting and guide policymakers in shaping effective regulations. In conclusion, my research interests reflect a commitment to advancing our understanding of critical contemporary issues in accounting. I am excited about the opportunity to engage in meaningful research that enriches my teaching and the broader academic community.