Dr Conor McKeown

Lecturer in Digital Media

Communications, Media and Culture Stirling

Dr Conor McKeown

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About me

About me

I explore the efficacy of independent videogames as interactive/performative tools for understanding posthumanism and radical ecology through a post-disciplinary ‘praxis’ method, equal parts game development, media theory and contemporary philosophy.


I am interested in research exploring posthumanism, radical concepts of ecology, new materialism and particularly agential-realism, within the context of digital technology and videogames.

I have explored these ideas through a variety of different methods including philosophical enquiry, media archaeology, creative coding, game development and collaborative digital film-making.

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Conference Proceeding

McKeown C & MacDonald E (2023) Teaching Interactive Digital Narrative Through Found Photography. In: TBC. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 16th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, Kobe, 11.11.2023-15.11.2023. Cham , Switzerland: Springer.