Ms Catherine Bradley

PhD Researcher

Health Sciences Stirling Stirling

Ms Catherine Bradley

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About me

About me

I have an interdisciplinary career profile and advocate strongly for sharing knowledge across professions. I spent eighteen years as a large animal nurse anesthetist in America. My interests were pain management in critically ill equids, use of novel drug combinations that act synergistically for management of pre, peri, and post op colic surgery patients. Switched careers in 2012 and became a Registered Nurse. Worked in transplant ICU and thoracic cardiovascular ICU at two major teaching hospitals. Decided more needed to be done to first, decrease reliance on opiates for postoperative pain management and second, improve postoperative pain management process. I focused on obtaining world-class research training so I can investigate these topics. I left the U.S. and came to Scotland for my Master's at the University of Glasgow. Dissertation was a structured literature review of opiates and alpha-2 agonists in PCA pumps after abdominal surgery. I came to the University of Stirling in 2018 as the first full-time student in the first Clinical Doctorate of Nursing program in Scotland. My current doctoral work will hopefully open a whole new way to manage postoperative pain. I'm employing a method commonly used in other professions, but novel for pain management to help contextualize pain assessment in acute postoperative care. In my spare time I enjoy historical reenactment/living history, recreate prehistorical - 18th c. garments & foods using historically accurate methods, classical dressage, farming, and restoring historical buildings and landscapes.


2022 RATE Awards
University of Stirling

Excellence in Teaching Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport- Honourable Mention

Dean's Scholar Mississippi State University

President's Scholar Hinds College

Other Academic Activities

Student Representative University of Glasgow

Professional membership

British Pain Society Membership

IASP Membership

Professional qualification

Licensed Veterinary Nurse (VA)

Registered Nurse (FL and VA)


postoperative pain management, use of non-opiate drug combinations for postop pain control, employing dimensionality reduction and machine learning to inform preventative pain management, and investigating the potential of applying information theory, causality, and quantum entanglement theory to improve postoperative pain management.



Currently working on Clinical Doctorate of Nursing (postoperative pain management in cardiovascular surgical patients) and work supporting undergraduate nursing program. Interest in hosting journal clubs and developing teaching content.

Research programmes