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Stirling hosts Scottish Government’s new Child Protection Scotland website

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The University of Stirling’s new Multi Agency Resource Service (MARS) and Scottish Child Care and Protection (SCCPN) website will host the Scottish Government’s new public information landing page, offering help and support to vulnerable children and families regarding child protection issues.

The Scottish Government’s public information page  includes clear, accessible information on what the public should do if they are concerned for a child’s welfare. It also features a range of information and links to downloadable materials for children themselves, including cartoons and online games providing child safety tips.

Beth Smith, Director of MARS, said:  “We are delighted to host the new Child Protection Scotland page within the redeveloped MARS website. The public can obtain quick, easily accessible information on how to report a concern about a child or young person and the site will also offer access to a wide range of resources that will be of benefit to the wider child protection community.

“This was developed in full partnership with Scotland’s Child Protection Committees and Scottish Government and is an excellent example of collaborative working to protect children and young people in Scotland.”

MARS is the first child protection hub of its kind in the UK and has recently received funding for three years from ACPOS, NHS, Scotland’s Local Authorities and the Scottish Government.

MARS & SCCPN support professionals and agencies working in child protection by connecting research and practice and exchanging knowledge which facilitates access to child protection expertise. This helps agencies working with complex issues of neglect and abuse.

To see the Scottish Government news release  click here.

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