Maria Morrison

BSc Environmental Geography

Northern Ireland

Maria Morrison

Maria's Story

What I like about studying Geography at Stirling is the many different field trips that we take in various locations around the world. This year I got to go to Iceland which was amazing because I saw many glaciers and volcanoes. We studied glacier boundaries there and got to measure different specimen sizes which was very interesting because I had never done it before.

The skills I developed at Stirling was to work in a group, use different equipment such as GPS and looking at different rock types. There is a good dynamic between lecturers and students and lecturers are super helpful. If you don't do Environmental Geography at Stirling you are going to miss the variety of field trips offered and this dynamic relationship between staff and students.

There are so many things to do here and you will never get bored. I chose Stirling because you do many variations and elements of Geography and you get the chance to study them all in this course.