Asya Filipova

BA (Hons) Journalism and Politics


Asya Filipova

Asya's Story

Stirling’s strong showing in journalism league tables – and the beautiful birds on campus – persuaded Asya to enrol at the University. 

The 22-year-old was also enticed by the affordability of living in Scotland – and chose Stirling above two universities in Glasgow. 

Asya said: “I remember I opened Stirling’s Facebook page and saw pictures of newly hatched cygnets and ducklings. I just thought to myself: ‘this is my place’ – and just like that, it was.” 

But it was the quality of the journalism course on offer that really appealed to the 2018 graduate. 

Asya said: “When I looked up all the journalism-related courses across Scotland, I found Stirling’s one to be the most diverse one. It offered all sorts of modules, from writing to multimedia reporting, from advertising to sports journalism. 

“I liked that, as I had no idea which medium I’d enjoy most, so I thought Stirling would give me the opportunity to try them before having to make up my mind.” 

Asya worked with the University’s Accommodation Services and Recruitment teams, in the library, on a telephone fundraising campaign, and as a resident assistant with summer school students. 

She added: “I’ve also been a course representative for a number of my courses and I got employed as a Faculty Officer in my last year of study. I got to know so many people in different departments in the University: I really did get to find out the workings of the institution inside-out. 

“I also volunteered with the local MP, Stephen Kerr, for around half a year. I’ve been mainly writing articles and doing some administrative tasks for him.” 

Asya praised the education she received at Stirling. She said: “I really appreciated the fact that some professors truly encouraged us to pursue our intellectual curiosity outside class. I think that’s the most important part of teaching – not just presenting facts, but also inspiring your students to keep digging deeper in their own time.” 

Asya, who took time to conquer the local accent and her “chronic procrastination”, told of her enjoyment at studying in the United States. She said: “I went on a semester abroad in Kansas. It was a fantastic time and it just mostly confirmed what I’d learned from coming to Scotland – living in a new place helps you make a better sense of the world and of yourself.” 

Summing her Stirling spell up as a time of “ducks, books and flights”, Asya said she is looking forward to taking up another summer job with the Accommodation team. She added: “I’ve been accepted to do a postgraduate course in EU Politics at the London School of Economics. I will focus on the political economy of Central and Eastern Europe and then hopefully go back home in a few years to apply what I learned.”