Konstantinos Lamprogiorgos

MSc International Accounting and Finance


There were various reasons which brought me to the University of Stirling. These included the academic excellence the University of Stirling is renowned for, as well as the pleasant natural setting that surrounds the University, which provided me with the ideal environment to relax after a hard day of work at University.

My postgraduate qualification from Stirling equipped me with skills and knowledge extremely valuable for both the business and academic world without limiting my choices for what would be my next step. Furthermore, the staff at the University are great and everyone is eager to help you, making you feel at home.

As I expected prior to commencing the course, the MSc International Accounting and Finance was very intensive and furnished me with the knowledge I was seeking. One of the great aspects of the course was being able to participate in the Amplify Trading Bootcamp which gave me valuable practical experience of financial markets. Another key point was ACCA recognises the MSc International Accounting and Finance and by graduating I was eligible from six exemptions of their papers.