What types of careers appointments are on offer?

We offer one-to-one appointments with our Careers Consultants. Our Consultants are completely independent and can offer you impartial, confidential advice.

Visit our Careers on Canvas information module that has a fantastic wealth of resources on all things career related as well as providing access to practical quizzes and online psychometric testing.

Graduates can access this information via the Careers Support for Graduates Canvas module.

Need careers help specific to your subject?

Looking to discuss a quick query?

Our Quick Query appointments are perfect for you. Book a Quick Query via TARGETconnect.

Lasting 15 minutes, we'll give you confidential careers advice. We'll establish what you're looking to get from the appointment and agree what can be achieved in the time available.

The support you receive could help with:

  • Developing your CV, covering letter and applications
  • Preparing for interviews and assessment centres
  • Accessing careers information
  • Identifying your next career steps

Looking for in-depth careers advice?

Our Careers Appointments are ideal if you want more of a detailed discussion and in-depth careers advice.

What to expect

You’ll be referred for this type of appointment if you’d like further help following a Quick Query appointment. This type of appointment can only be arranged via referral. We’re here to give you as much careers guidance as you require. Your Consultant will establish with you what you’d like to achieve in the appointment time available. Discussions are confidential and impartial, and can last up to an hour, but if you feel you need more time you can ask for a follow up appointment. We’ll also signpost you to other services if needed.

Some areas we could cover with you include:

  • Developing and improving your career management skills
  • Reflecting on your skills, strengths, weaknesses, values and priorities
  • Making informed career decisions
  • Taking action – whether it’s making applications or preparing for interviews
  • Finding career opportunities

Practice (mock) interviews

To help you with your interview technique, we offer Mock Interview appointments.

What to expect:

Your mock interview will last up to one hour. You can specify the areas and questions you’d like to concentrate on and our Consultant will structure the mock interview accordingly. We provide feedback to you in the session, so you can immediately work on improvements to your interview performance.

So that we can tailor the mock interview to your individual circumstances, we’ll ask you to upload the following documents and information to TARGETconnect three working days beforehand:

  • a copy of your CV or application
  • a copy of the job description and person specification
  • type of interview
  • details of the interview, for example, what it will involve, any additional interview stages and so forth

Students have access to Graduates First - giving you the opportunity to practice answering questions in a video interview format, with options to watch yourself back and to receive automated feedback on the content of your answers and how you presented on screen.

Contact the Careers Service

You can contact us via TARGETconnect.

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