Service Level Agreement (SLA) - Careers and Employability Service

This Statement of Service outlines the standard of service you can expect as a client of the Careers and Employability Service (CES) at the University of Stirling. It includes our overall mission as well as details of what we can offer you, and what we expect of you as a user of the service.

1. Mission statement

The mission of the Careers and Employability Service is "by providing high quality careers information, education and guidance, the Careers and Employability Service at Stirling University endeavours to empower clients to make informed career decisions and develop lifelong career management skills."

2. Who can use the Careers and Employability Service?

You can use the Careers and Employability Service if you are:

  • a current full or part-time student at the University of Stirling or INTO
  • a University of Stirling student who is currently taking a leave of absence
  • an exchange student currently studying at the University of Stirling
  • a graduate of the University of Stirling who has registered with the Careers and Employability Service’s TARGETconnect platform
  • staff of the University of Stirling who have registered with the Careers and Employability Service’s TARGETconnect platform

3. Services for current University of Stirling students

The Careers and Employability Service offers the following services to full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Stirling:


  • Provided through our Careers on Canvas VLE site (requires login), our Careers website, and take away material in the Careers and Employability Service and the Student Services Hub. Containing labour market and occupational information, information on job-seeking skills, making applications and post-graduate study.
  • Access to employer directories, such as Prospects, Targetjobs and the Times Top 100, outlining major graduate recruiters
  • Access to online, subscribed to software, including Graduates First and GoinGlobal
  • Regular news updates through TARGETconnect, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Advice and guidance

  • Designated Careers and Employability Consultants for each Faculty. Find out how to get in touch with the consultant for your Faculty.
  • Online CV feedback facility (MY CVs) aims to provide feedback on your submission within 3 working days. To access, login to TARGETconnect > Me > CVs
  • 15-minute quick queries, bookable online via TARGETconnect, for help with getting started, career options and application feedback.
  • Longer Career Planning Appointments (formerly guidance) by referral only with a Careers and Employability Consultant for a more in-depth discussion to support career planning and career decision making. These sessions will empower you to develop your own strategies to make informed career decisions. Find out more about appointments.
  • Mock interviews - this practice interview with a Consultant will allow you to experience a real interview situation, get feedback on your performance and tips on how to improve. Appointments are bookable via TARGETconnect and should be booked three working days in advance uploading the required documentation.

Range of events

  • Career fairs, events, talks, workshops and sessions, delivered by employers and careers staff. Visit our events page for details.
  • Tailored career education delivered within your Faculty by Careers and Employability Consultants
  • All events and sessions are promoted via the Careers and Employability Service communication channels and are bookable via TARGETconnect (except certain faculty events)

Part-time, volunteering, internship and graduate opportunities

  • Opportunities are provided via the TARGETconnect platform, advertising graduate jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and part-time and seasonal work
  • The Stirling Internship Programme, providing full and part-time paid internships exclusively to University of Stirling students and graduates

4. Services for Stirling graduates

We offer a lifelong service to University of Stirling graduates. The majority of services (excluding certain subscription services) to students above are equally available to graduates of the University of Stirling. Graduates should register with

5. Services to staff

Many of the services we offer to students and graduates – including confidential one-to-one advice, and attending events - are available to Staff of the University of Stirling. To access our services, you will need to register with our management system

6. What we ask of you

We depend on you to help us provide the most effective Careers and Employability Service possible.  You can help us by:

  • Actively participating in your careers appointment by preparing in advance and following up by taking any appropriate action suggested by your Consultant
  • Keeping appointments and attending booked presentations and other activities, or to provide reasonable notice in the case of cancellation
  • Treating CES staff, employers and other clients with respect and consideration and using the services in a responsible manner
  • Providing us with constructive feedback on the effectiveness of our service
  • Responding to the Graduate Outcomes survey for information on what you are doing following graduation and in your subsequent career

7. What you can expect from us

  • Professional, friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and approachable staff
  • Experienced and qualified Careers and Employability Consultants with specialist sector knowledge
  • Confidential service which offers client-centred guidance, impartial advice and unbiased information
  • Comprehensive, accurate and timely information delivered through a range of media and relevant formats
  • Careers education, information, advice and guidance delivered by qualified, competent and experienced careers and employability staff
  • Equality of opportunity and access regardless of age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, nationality, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation
  • Reasonable notice if we are forced to cancel an event or appointment booking
  • A feedback mechanism and complaints procedure

8. Policies and codes of standards

We comply with all relevant professional codes including those outlined below:

9. Help us improve


The Careers and Employability Service values your feedback and suggestions. You can provide feedback in person, by email (, by phone, through social media or via TARGETconnect.

We may ask for more formal feedback, for example via surveys and questionnaires, on our range of activities including events and appointments.


If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our service, please tell us via the methods above or use the University’s Complaints Procedure

10.  More information

Student Services Hub, Campus Central

University of Stirling


Tel: 01786 466022




We aim to respond to emails within five working days.