Graduate assessment centre exercises and interview help

If you’ve been invited to an interview or assessment centre, that’s a great achievement in itself. To get to this stage you’ve already convinced the employer that you’re capable of doing the job with your excellent application, now you just need to impress them in person.

The employer can see that you meet the job specification; by meeting you face-to-face or online they want to find out if you’d be a good fit for their organisation and the job itself. You’ll want to showcase your best self at the next stage of the process.

Most people already have the transferable skills needed to succeed in their early career. The key is to identify and demonstrate these qualities at application stage so you are able to present yourself well. Breathing, smiling and taking your time when answering questions,will help to keep your answers clear and concise. It’s also important to remember that an interview is a two way process, so be confident and ask thoughtful questions.

Claire Burhouse, Student Recruitment Manager, PwC

Helping you prepare

We can help you prepare for graduate assessment centre exercises and give you tips on how to answer graduate interview questions, so you’re more comfortable with the recruitment process. We can also help you get ready for student or part-time job interviews. Practising your interview skills before the real interview can increase your confidence.

Our practical help includes:

  • interview preparation and mock-interview appointments
  • students have access to Graduates First - giving you the opportunity to practice answering questions in a video interview format, with options to watch yourself back and to receive automated feedback on the content of your answers and how you presented on screen.
  • practice psychometric tests
  • mock assessment centres
  • personality profiling - looking at your natural strengths and weaknesses

The Careers Support for Graduates on Canvas module has lots of great material to prepare on interviews, assessment centres, and psychometric tests.

The day went well! It seemed really competitive. I feel I've done well and my three assessments went smoothly. Thanks so much for the two mock interviews. Our preparation definitely paid off!

Lesley Dugan, BA (Hons) Sociology and Social Policy.

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