Careers advice for my degree

You may be asking: what can I do with my degree? That’s why at the University of Stirling we have a dedicated Careers Consultant per faculty. We’re able to provide tailored support and subject specific advice for your degree while you are a student and also as a graduate.

We run careers events that are specifically geared towards your degree, including sector presentations that give insights into industry. For careers events and opportunities see TARGETconnect.

Faculty specific Careers Consultants

Are you looking for specific career advice for your subject area? Whatever your career interests our dedicated Careers Consultants can help.

Arts and Humanities

Rish Baruah

Rish can help with career advice in areas including charity and development work, legal careers, publishing and media.

Natural Sciences

Lauren Ferguson

Lauren offers specific careers advice around careers in natural sciences, including working with animals, healthcare and psychology, as well as the natural resources industry.

Social Sciences

Fiona McMillan

Fiona can help you with careers advice if you’d like to work in social sciences, including education social work, Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE) and careers relating to social policy and criminology

Health Sciences and Sport

Lena Bauchop (Health Sciences) and Fiona McMillan

Lena and Fiona can help you decide on what to do with your Health Sciences or Sports degree. There is a wide range of jobs you can choose with a Health Sciences and Sports degree; whether you want to go into the leisure, sport and tourism sector, or hospital and events for example.


Lena Bauchop

Lena specialises in helping business and management graduates begin successful careers. Lena can provide career advice covering areas such as accountancy and financial management, advertising, marketing, and research and management services.

To speak with any of our faculty-specific Careers Consultants, please book an appointment or raise a query via TARGETconnect.

Not sure who’s best to speak to? That’s no problem, if you get in touch via the Hub we can advise you on the best Consultant to suit your query.

Useful resources

For further information and ideas on what you can do with your degree, see these useful resources:

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