Free period products

Students can now benefit from a range of free period products, which are available across the campus.

The Scottish Government is funding this initiative in an attempt to help tackle period poverty. It is the first government in the world to make free products available to all students and pupils at schools, colleges and universities across Scotland. The University is delighted to support this campaign, in partnership with the Students’ Union, by facilitating the supply of the products to our students.

Students are regularly consulted and the project is co-ran in partnership with our Students’ Union, which sit on the steering group. There is also a feedback mechanism on all distribution boxes for the purposes of evaluation so all students have the opportunity to engage in developing the project. 

The University is keen to uphold the fundamental principles of this initiative, by ensuring that those who require the products can get them in a manner which doesn’t challenge their equality, rights or dignity. 

Our period products are inclusive to all genders with products in a range of places, including accessible and male toilets. These principles were also considered when choosing a provider which would be inclusive to all in their packaging. 

Order online

Students can order products, for free, from the online student shop. Your chosen products will then be posted to you for free.

Collect on campus

There are period products available in a variety of locations across the campus, where you can pick up the products of your preference, without having to ask for them. Please see the map below, which shows all the locations across the University.

If you live on campus, please don't order online as you can collect easily in person at various locations across campus and accommodations, find out where on our campus map download below.


  • Level 2: female, male and accessible toilets
  • Level 3: female, male and accessible toilets
  • Level 4: female, male and accessible toilets

Students' Union downstairs (next to the Venue)

  • Female toilet
  • Baby nappy changer unit

Campus Central

  • All female, male and accessible toilets

Cottrell Building

  • Female toilet next to 3A5 corridor
  • Logie Lecture Theatre: female toilet
  • Queens Court: female toilets
  • A5: male toilets 
  • 2AW: female toilets and accessible toilets
  • 2AX: female and accessible toilets
  • 2AY: female toilets
  • 2BX: male and accessible toilets 
  • 2BY: male toilets 

Macrobert Arts Centre

  • All female, male and accessible toilets 


  • Toilets

Colin Bell Building

  • Faculty of Social Sciences level 2: female and accessible toilets
  • Faculty of Social Sciences level 3: accessible toilet
  • Accessible toilets opposite to 4S45
  • Accessible toilets opposite to 4S27


  • Alexander Court: laundry
  • Andrew Stewart Hall reception: female and accessible toilets
  • Beech Court reception: female and accessible toilets
  • John Forty's Court: laundry
  • Juniper Court reception: female and accessible toilets
  • Spittal Hill: laundry
  • Union Street Development: laundry
  • Willow Court: female and accessible toilets

Pathfoot Building

  • Oscars: J corridor female, male and accessible toilets
  • Crush Hall: female, male and accessible toilets
  • L3: male toilets

Iris Murdoch Building

  • L1: gender neutral toilet
  • L2: female toilet

Sports Centre

  • Gender neutral toilets behind reception

Stirling Court Hotel

  • Accessible toilet and staff toilets 

If you would like this information in an alternative format, please email

All information on the map is also available on this page.

Campus toilets

A range of different items are available in toilets across the campus. The available period products include:

  • Regular tampon with cardboard applicator
  • Super tampon with cardboard applicator
  • Regular tampon no applicator
  • Super tampon no applicator
  • Med towel
  • Large towel

*Please refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines prior to using any of the period products

Re-useable products

Students who would prefer to use re-useable products, such as Mooncups, can collect these from the Green and Blue Space, in the Atrium.

*Please refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines prior to using any of the period products

Holiday packs

As well as individual items, students can also request holiday packs to cover them over any breaks away from the University, during the academic year.

Holiday packs, containing multiple items, will soon be available to be picked up, or by emailing Look out for further information on this soon.


The University is keen to hear your feedback on this initiative and the available products. Please email your thoughts to

PickupMyPeriod App

Want to know where else to access free period products? The PickupMyPeriod app directs users to the nearest location where free period products are available based upon either the users GPS location or an entered postcode.

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