My Stirling Award

The My Stirling Award is an innovative skills award programme developed by the Careers Service. The award is designed to recognise your extra-curricular activities and achievements. Gaining the My Stirling Award will give you an edge in the competitive graduate jobs market, as employers look for graduates who have made the most of opportunities at university and developed a wide range of skills and attributes. 

The best part is that you’re probably already undertaking activities that are eligible for recognition through the My Stirling Award. Part-time work, volunteering and involvement with university clubs and societies all count. There are three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold, and your achievement will be listed on your degree transcript to show employers that you’re a candidate to consider. 

Why complete the My Stirling Award?

  • Clearly identify your current skills and those you want to develop
  • Try new things and improve your confidence by actively engaging in roles and activities which are of interest to you
  • Enhance your existing skills, develop new skills, and develop your understanding of the skills you most enjoy using
  • Become more resilient and able to manage challenges and setbacks
  • Recognise the activities and job roles you find most rewarding
  • Reflect on your experiences and confidently articulate your skills

Who can complete the Award?

All undergraduate and postgraduate students are now eligible to take part.

What do I need to do?

You need to be involved in work, volunteering, projects or activities that are not part of your normal degree programme. Here are some of the activities previous students on the award have undertaken:

  • Part-time work
  • Holding a committee position with a club or society
  • Undertaking an internship
  • Attending a careers fair
  • Taking part in the peer mentoring programme (STEER)
  • Supporting the Students’ Union with a role or project
  • Volunteering for a local charity
  • Work shadowing
  • Attending Careers Service events

How many hours does it require?

The award can be completed at three levels for undergraduates; Gold, Silver and Bronze, and one for Postgraduates. There are different requirements for successful completion of each level.

All undergraduate students must start at the Bronze level and work up; once you complete one award you can progress to the next. The requirements for each level are as follows.

Bronze: 50 hours from at least two different activities, with a completed skills audit and reflective summary and a CV review.

Silver: 100 hours from at least three different activities, with a completed skills audit, reflective summary and LinkedIn profile

Gold: 200 hours from at least four different activities, with a completed skills audit, reflective summary and a mock job interview.

Postgraduate: 30 hours from at least two different practical activities, with a completed skills audit, reflective summary, and updating your CV and LinkedIn.

Although completing multiple levels in one year is possible, we recommend that students complete no more than two levels per academic year.






Careers on Canvas section






50 / minimum two activities 

100 / minimum three activities 

200 / minimum four activities 

30 / minimum two activities





















How to sign up

You can register for the Award as soon as you’ve enrolled by going to our Canvas module or by looking at the pathways section on TARGETconnect.

All the levels are now open to enrol on.


What students say about the My Stirling Award?

It is such a rewarding process, it really allows you to hold yourself accountable in developing your skills and keeping yourself on track in order to reach your goals.

Bronze Award completer

My Stirling Award is a great opportunity to develop skills whilst at university, it has improved my confidence and allowed me to reflect and understand the areas I need to develop. It is very easy to follow and I highly recommend it.

Silver Award completer

Further information

Find out more about the My Stirling Award by watching our short video, and on the Careers on Canvas module.

You can also email us at